Stupid Food Ideas Feeding America Fundraiser 2017

I’m excited to tell you that my extremely fun Facebook group, Stupid Food Ideas is currently having it’s Feeding America fundraiser.
As I type this blog we’ve already raised $703.50 of our $3000 goal and that’s just in 4 days!!
But we don’t just raise money, we entertain live.  We have goals throughout the $3000 for outrageous Facebook lives involving food. Just a few of the stunts that have been performed already are: snort a line of sriracha, eat earthworm jerky, and demo and eat a recipe for strawberry, fish sauce, and vienna sausage smoothie, these aren’t even the crazy ones!
Right now we’re $46.50 away from me eating six century eggs!  If you’re not familiar google it, you may be terrified.
At $2500 and $3000 people have actually pledged to TATTOO FOOD ON THEMSELVES!!
We do this not only because we’re a little wacky, but because we care about hunger and food insecurity in America. Over 46 million people are served each year through the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks.So please, donate here, and join our group here, all for a great cause. And if you’re the adventurous type, volunteer to do a stunt!