Nutrition Label Requirements for Added Sugars Delayed

The food industry is pushing back on the requirement to disclose on nutrition labels how much added sugar is in foods. Big surprise. This is something I’ve spoken about in the past and was looking forward to because added sugar is one of the main things in our diets that can wreak the most havoc on our health. The deadline was going to be July of 2018 but now executives are asking for the deadline to be pushed back to… 2021. Details here.

Kind of a bummer but what does this actually mean for you? It means you’re just going to have to read ingredient labels and use your common sense.

If you’re looking at dried figs for an example (because easy and it’s the last thing I ate). If one serving contains 71 grams of sugar (I didn’t eat that many ffs) and the ingredient list contains only “dried figs”, I can be sure that none of that sugar is “added sugar”. If I’m drinking a Pepsi however (I wouldn’t) and it says 1 serving contains 41 grams of sugar, I can be sure that ALL of that sugar is “added sugar”, because there are no Pepsis in nature therefore there can be no naturally occurring sugar in it.

I tried to keep that short and sweet. HAHAHAHA DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

Use your common sense #StopEatingLikeAJerk